Maybe you shouldn't have made fun of that admiral's hat because he has sent his entire armada to drop bombs on you.

Run endlessly dodging and dashing through the rain of bombs trying for a high score!  

Left - A and Left Arrow

Right - D and Right Arrow

Jump - L

Dash - K

Change came colors with Q and E

Keys can be rebound in game.

Made in 8 hours for a Weekly Game Jam with the theme "Watch the Sky"


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Hey Minibobo! 

The control of the character in this game is amazing. I felt like I could dodge these bombers forever! The dash and the jump made it really easy to move around on the map. Also, I liked how I could change colors of the game. I prefer the original colors, but still neat! 

Even though the control were pretty smooth I think a little cooldown on the dash would be nice and maybe you could introduce a ground unit that we have to jump over once the game progresses a little more. 

GREAT GAME! Keep up the good work! 


This is really cool and fun!!

Thanks!  I enjoyed making it!

Wow, the level of polish on this is super impressive, even more so given that it's an 8 hour project! Great work. 

1 bit graphics make for quick work!  The engine Haxeflixel makes these types of games really easy also.  It came out of the endless runner Canabalt.  

I love this game! Great work. Love the Downwell inspired stuff