This game takes a second to load...

WASD or Arrow Keys move.

L or Space jumps. 

Don't die.  


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Why am I unable to jump high enough to get past the first obstacle, or am I missing something?

Not sure exactly what you mean.  Do you mean this one?

No, I'm playing on the web version, and currently less than 3 seconds into the game I can't make it past the first time you need to jump. The character just doesn't seem to jump high enough.

This one?  No idea.  You should be able to hold the jump button to jump higher.  

What browser are you using?  The game could not be getting the key events from the browser correctly.  That's the only thing I can think.  I've never run into this problem before though...

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The voice-overs are great and the concept is a nice. Though, the level pictured below was too difficult for me. Perhaps you can also improve the volume balance of the voice-overs and the music.

very fun and smooth game to play!