A and D or Arrow Keys move left and right. 

L or Space Jumps.  

Press against the wall and hit jump to wall jump

Escape goes back to the menu

R restarts the level if you are going for the fabled No Deaths Run.

Music by JamesOliverMusic (https://soundcloud.com/jamesolivermusicuk)


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The music is nice, and playing along with it as a mechanic is inherently enjoyable.  The platforming itself however is stiff, oversensitive, whatever the word is for velocity.x = input.x.  Some acceleration would go a long way to making this more fun to play.  Music's nice, I don't know if James made it for this game specifically, I don't know who that is, but I will at least complement you on the choice of music.

The art is what it is, looks good for what it is, although it's cheating add red into 1-bit art, you heathen.

Thanks for playing and the comments!  JamesOliverMusic made all the music specifically for this game (technically Wooly Wombat was made for an earlier one we never released, so that is just a remix).  I'll be sure to pass along the compliments!

Infinite acceleration (setting velocity.x = input.x, or button press = instantly fullspeed) was a design choice.  So it plays like Mega Man (infinite acceleration) instead of Super Meat Boy (ridiculously high acceleration, so you reach top speed quickly but it takes time to get there).  On precision platformers I always prefer infinite acceleration because I think it gives more control.  To each his own though!  

I did 1-bit art for my past couple games.  I'm so over it.  I've graduated on to 2-bit art now (there is blue in there also!)  :P

Thanks for the comments!