A simulate arena shooter where you can press the lag button to freeze your opponent, clip through walls, pass through enemy bullets, and generally be a nuisance.  Made in about 15 hours for the Weekly Game Jam 64 with the theme of 'GLITCH'

WASD move

Mouse aims and shoots

Q and E change colors

Keys re-bindable in game.

Made withOpenFL
TagsTop down shooter


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Not much to it, but what's there is solid.  Used hax to make a pixelated version of me salty af, waitin' on my 50% royalties for use of my golden image.

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I expected this game so much! this is very fun! but there are some problems...

1) the text is unreadable, I will add a picture in the discord server so you can see (its me, aradarbel10!)...

2) the menu for changing key layouts is a bit broken. the buttons are overlapping and its hard to click the right thing. I am not sure if you were able to do something about is, maybe its just my browser... but I am happy about the current keys so it dosent really matter.

3) the mouse can scroll the window (move the camera), and this is a really nice effect, but I think when I move the mouse to the edge of the game window the camera moves too fast and is had to reposition the camera just slightly.

4) this is not really a bug, but I'd like to see hold mouse for shooting longer. right now I need to spam the mouse button, and this is annoying everyone around, and me. a feature like that would create a better game experience for me, personaly.

overall, the concept is very cool! I just love the way you change colors, and the way everything works. keep this good (and fun!) job! and I am waiting for your next jam ;D

EDIT: unluckily, I didn't post a game to the jam, so Im pretty sure I can't vote..