WASD to move.  

L to jump.

K to shoot.

O to boost (when available)

Q and E swap weapons


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Not a bad game. With the level design, it does the metroidvania thing well. Difficulty is more or less fine, although some enemies didn't seem very smart. I guess some technical problems can occur, but overall it seems like a well-made action-platformer.

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Hey Minibobbo,

I couldn't get this to run as it just hung on the loading screen.



thanks for trying.  I was able to run it on multiple pcs in ie firefox and chrome. It ran on my phone browser also. What are you trying to run it under?

up does not interact with objects

it should interact with the terminals for opening doors and the save locations. What areyou having trouble with?

W reacts, but up-arrow (which reduces the chance of accidentally using Q/E) does not.

Awesome, thanks!  I originally had up and use two different buttons but changed it half way though and I think I forgot to change the up arrow.  I'll load up a fix.  I kind of forgot about them  :(  

Now that I'm thinking about it I don't have a good way to change weapons with the arrow keys.  Any suggestions?

I was thinking I+P.